BASIC Nutritional Microscopy Course

  • When: October 24th – 28th, 2016
  • Where: Waukesha, Wisconsin USA
  • Taught by: Jeffery A. Arnson Master Microscopy Trainer, Master Advanced Certified Nutritional Microscopist.
    Brian Claypool pH Miracle® Coach, Advanced Certified Nutritional Microscopist
  • Cost: $9,500 Does Not Include Microscope or $15,000 with Microscope and accessories Included

Updated and Revised

pH Miracle® Certified Nutritional Microscopy
BASIC Training Course

Thank You So Much for your inquiry into the Updated and Revised pH Miracle® Certified Nutritional Microscopy Training Course! Here is a description of the course.

The pH Miracle New Biology BASIC Training Course is based on the over 35 years of scientific research of Dr. Robert Young, author of the “pH Miracle®” series of books, “Sick And Tired, and modern day research scientist furthering our understanding of Nutritional Microscopy and the Alkaline Design of the human organism. This program includes everything that he previously provided in the course, and more, including…

What The Course Includes for $9,500

  • 5 Full Days of Live Training with Jeffery Arnson and Brian Claypool
    • Location: Waukesha Wisconsin (Venue To Be Determined).
  • Alkaline Breakfast including Green Smoothies, Green Juice and Alkaline Snacks throughout the day
  • 1 Fully Prepared Alkaline Meal For Lunch
  • Course materials
    • Microscopy Binder (Full Color Printed)
      • Visual Summary Research Guide Includes Photos, Descriptions and Profiles.
      • Sample Client Summaries (Examples of Unchanged Live and Dry Layered Blood)
      • Form templates including sample waivers, client information forms, etc.
      • Other Resources/Industry Associations
      • Community Resources Directory
  • USB Thumb Drive with all Course materials PowerPoints and educational materials. Every day of the course content is included on the drive and more.
  • Books and Articles
    • Sick and Tired by Dr. Robert O. Young
    • The pH Miracle Revised and Updated by Dr. Robert O. Young
    • The pH Miracle Basic Microscopy Course Audio (Audio of Dr. Robert O. Young)
    • Important Scientific Articles
      • Medcrave Articles
        • Alkaline Nutritional Therapy In The Prevention and Reversal of any Cancerous Condition
        • Second Thoughts About Viruses, Vaccines and the HIV/Aids Hypothesis.
        • Using Sodium & Potassium Bicarbonates in the Prevention and Treatment of ALL Sickness and Disease
        • The Use of Alkaline Herbs in the Prevention and Treatment of Any Cancerous Condition
        • and others…
      • We will also share and review Dr. Young’s important articles and blog posts on the science including important subjects like,
        • Alkalinity
        • Digestion
        • Cancer
        • Diabetes
  • Educational Videos
  • Nutritional Products
    • A sample pack of the pH Miracle Nutritional Supplements.


We will cover all of these materials including spending a lot of time on science, blood photos and descriptions, proper technique, best practices and navigating the regulatory environment (every state and country is different in how they treat this science, we have experience here and will do our best to empower you to use this tool in the most effective way possible.

In addition to all this we will have Live Client Demonstrations for you to observe first-hand what it is like to see a client go through the process, and how a Master Microscopy Trainer goes about sharing this tool.

The pH Miracle Certification becomes official once you send in, and we review at least 50 client summaries to show you doing your practicum and that your technique is correct and that you are comfortable using this tool out there in the world. Once you are certified you will be Listed on the website AND we offer once a month follow-up support coaching calls for all graduates of the Updated and Revised Nutritional Microscopy course.

Course does NOT include microscope, lodging or travel. Microscope can be purchased in addition (see below). If you do not have a microscope or choose to buy one, we will provide a unit for you to train with while you are at the course.


Microscope Package – $5,500

If you choose the BASIC Training Course package with the Microscope Included ($15,000 Including Course). You will receive the following.

  • Brand New Meiji Techno 5300 Series Microscope with all necessary accessories includings…
  • High Resolution Digital Camera for capturing images and video on PC and MAC (Includes USB cable).
  • Digital Camera Capture Software (Includes basic training)
  • C-Mount Adapter to connect camera to unit.
  • 2 boxes of Kim Wipes (technical wipes used to clean microscope parts, oculars, lens’s etc.
  • 4 boxes of microscope slides
  • 2 boxes of microscope cover-slips
  • Immersion Oil (necessary to protect lens)
  • 2 boxes single use Lancets
  • Special Heavy Duty Microscope Carrying and Travel Case

Your brand new Meiji Techno Microscope Setup will be mailed to your trainer and provided to you at the time of the course, unless otherwise specified and agreed to.

Thank You, we would love to have you as part of the Updated and Revised pH Miracle® Certified Nutritional Microscopy Community! Please let us know if you have any questions, and if you are ready, Enroll Now!

Jeffery Arnson
Brian Claypool
pH Miracle® Certified
Nutritional Microscopy Training Course